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There’s nothing I enjoy more than being with my family. Every time we gather for an afternoon tea time with candles, music, and a tasty morsel—whether it’s just two of us or the whole tribe—we re-enact a tradition that has occurred thousands of times in our nearly four decades of being the Clarkson family. We talk, laugh, debate, cry, pray, and dream together about who we are, what we believe, what we’re doing, and who we’re becoming on our journeys of faith. I think tea has been a spiritual catalyzer for us! But even with my strong Yorkshire Gold English tea, I could never have foreseen the ministry journey ahead for me when Clay and I married in 1981—missions and church, starting Whole Heart Ministries, training families in church workshops, encouraging mothers in sixty hotel conferences over twenty years, serving moms and families internationally, writing or co-writing more than twenty books, and personally encouraging countless women online through my blog, podcast, and Life with Sally membership site. And all that while also being a full-time wife and mother, a homemaker of the sixteen homes we brought life to in ten cities, and raising and home educating my four precious children. Those children are all grown now and making their own places and marks in the world, but I still want to be around them, learning from what they’re learning and sharing in their journeys with God. I’ve always been a visionary idealist, probably a bit to my family’s chagrin, so I still have books to write and things to do, but now I’m slowing down to enjoy some simpler things in life—long walks, good friends, grandchildren, reading, traveling, fellowship at lifegiving tables, and of course, those catalyzing family tea times. Thanks for sharing this journey with me. It’s a long road and I welcome your company.

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