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Joel Clarkson is an award-winning composer, author and voiceover performer.

 After completing studies in composition and conducting at Berklee College of Music, Joel began his career in film music, and it was there where he began to craft his imagination for creative truth-telling, as he collaborated on films and TV programs whose stories took him around the world. His orchestration credits include multiple documentaries for PBS, such as the six-part miniseries Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine, and the award-winning Children of Giant. As a composer, Joel has developed a strong collaboration with his brother Nathan Clarkson, and has provided underscore for both of Nathan’s feature films, Confessions of a Prodigal Son, and The Unlikely Good Samaritan

 That highly-collaborative spirit has opened up an exciting venture in recent years with another of Joel’s siblings, Joy Clarkson. Joel and Joy are the Two Benedictions, a sibling songwriting collective, and together they have released two collections of original tunes, Sun of Man and Honest Songs.

 Joel’s imaginative curiosity has also opened up vistas beyond his work in music, including in audiobook narration, where Joel’s Audible award-nominated narration of books like The Green Ember has won him a dedicated audience worldwide, and has allowed him to record voiceover for everything from fantasy to historical children’s books.

 In recent years, Joel has developed a strong specialty in choral liturgy, and has written numerous original choral works for choirs coast-to-coast in the United States, as well as in England and Scotland. In addition, he gained a strong reputation both as a choral conductor, and also as an accomplished bass vocalist for choral liturgy, particularly in the Anglican tradition. 

 His fascination with the interplay between sacred music and spirituality led Joel to seek out the theological underpinnings behind the music he composes, and he completed his master’s degree in theology at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, in 2018. He continues his research in St Andrews, where he is pursuing a PhD in theology, with a focus on sacred music. 

 Joel is currently writing his first book, which will be published with NavPress. The as-yet untitled work will be about encountering Jesus through our five senses, a topic close to Joel’s heart throughout his artistic career. 

 He splits his time between Scotland and Colorado, and when he is back stateside, he enjoys hanging out with the Clarkson family mascot, Darcy the golden retriever. 

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