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A Little Bit About Me

We have great times together as a family, but when I’m not with Sally or the kids, you’ll most likely find me inhabiting the Whole Heart Ministries office down the hill in Monument or the “remote” office down the stairs at home. Whether working on a book, designing a website, or planning an event for the ministry, or writing a song, crafting an essay, or tinkering on a product idea just for fun, I’m most at home as an INTJ in the world of ideas, concepts, and words. I also seem to have a dominant gene for organization and systems which gets enlisted, not always willingly, into tasks such as conference coordination or taming our beleaguered garage. As Executive Director of Whole Heart, it is my role to keep the wheels on the ministry bus and the bus on the road. For twenty years, that meant conference management while publishing took a side road. In this post-conference season of the ministry, I’m returning to the publishing roots from which we started. I’m focusing now on Whole Heart Press with new editions of our classic books that have come back home to us, new ministry books to be written for parents and families, and reprints of public domain books (1880-1920) from our Home Again Books library. I’m also working on books for other publishers, an extreme makeover of WholeHeart.org, and developing some children’s book concepts. Apart from all that, I love writing (and sometimes recording) new music, especially for the church, with my Commonsong Writers group. My go-to relax mode happens thrice daily with a Scottish plaid china mug of Twinings English Breakfast tea (yes, I’m that predictable). Other downtime pleasures include Sally’s homemade cinnamon rolls, legal and police dramas, acoustic singer-songwriters, Sunday afternoon family tea times, playing a quality guitar, and enjoying any season but winter in Colorado. I’m still learning and leaning my way into social media, blogging, and Instagram. I never seem to run out of ideas to think about, and perhaps even to do, so my projects file drawer is always open. I’m content to keep doing what I’ve been doing as long as God allows me to keep doing it.

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